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Bone & Horn Accoutrements
Please note the following cattle horn and bone products are made from a natural product, and will vary in coloration. Thank you for your interest.
Accoutrement. In English, the word Accoutrements has a number of meanings, in the 18th century it was referred to as an accessory or apparatus needed for their task or journey
Salt Laudalum Horn

Laudanum-Opium-Salt Snuff Horn

Small salt horns were carried by all military personnel in the American Revolution to season poor, half-cooked, or overcooked boiled meat. A similar small horn is on display in the National Museum of the American Revolution (see: this link to the National Museum of the American Revolution). In the museum it is listed as a salt horn, but some researchers believe these horns were also used for laudanum and opium, as well used for snuff (ground tobacco). The horn is overall 3.375 inches long and at its widest part 0.75 inches in diameter.
$50.00 each

Salt Laudalum Horn

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Shoe Horns
These real horn shoe horns are not limited to 18th and 19th century use. These are not metal shoe horns and will also not inhibit anyone's airline travel.

Two sizes of the real horn shoe horns are available. These are invaluable with saving the back of your expensive colonial shoes. The longer horn is wonderful for women wearing stays and/or tight corsets.
Small (7.0 in): $7.00 (top)
Large (10.5 in): $10.00

**These shoe horns because they are not metal should not interfere with airport security.

Horn Ear Wax Spoon

Horn Thread Puller/ Toothpick/ Earwax Spoon (aka Drizzler Tool)

For your sewing kits & housewives. This horn piece was one of the most common horn implements made during the height of Horn Guild of 18th Century London. A thread puller or toothpick with an ear wax spoon. Pinned with copper this horn tool is hinged like a Swiss Army knife, one swing out tool is for pulling the precious threads out of old or discarded clothing and the little spoon tool is for collecting ear wax to wax the thread with (Are you all making the same face I am, I do not recommend actually using this to clean your ears out. Johnson & Johnson makes a wonderful Q-tip.)

$18.00 each

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Pipe Tampers

These pipe tampers are similar to sewing awls, made from real cow bone or horn.

$8.00 each

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