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My Dad's Colonial Fishing Equipment & Fire-Starting Kits

Hand-forged Colonial Fishhooks
These hand-forged fishhook are made by Fish Hook Forge (my dad), in various sizes. Small, Medium, Large. They are eyeless fishhooks, hooks with eyes are available at an additional cost.  
$3.00 each

Fishing Kits

Included in the 18th Century Fishing Kits are: 
four handforged hooks, line, wax, weight, and cork for a bobber in a round tin.
$25.00 each

Email us for more information, to order, or if you have any questions

Fishing was not only a gentlemen's sport, but by ladies and women as well. Above painting by Hogarth "A Fishing Party."

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Bundles of Fire Starting Tow
2 Bundles -- $10.00

Tow is the untwisted fiber from the flax plant (the flax plant is used to make linen). It is a perfect firestarting tool to use with your char cloth, flint & steel. The tow comes by the hank, when unfolded it is about 3' long and about 1/2" round and weigh very little. Some people also use the tow to clean their musket or fouler in the field. As a recommendation if you are a frequent shooter or do alot of hunting. To keep your old hemp rope to dry out, unravel, and use for the coarse cleaning of your muzzleloader. Save this finer fiber for quick firestarting.

Firestarting Kits
Small $27.00 each

Large $35.00 each

Firestarting kits include lots of packed in tow (tinder), good char cloth, hardened steel striker, and a large chard of flint. The large kit holds more, and in addition has alternative tinder (birch bark), and the top of the tin has a candle holder (see upper right of photo for the lid). 
The small firestarting kit tin is 3.5 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches deep.
The large firestarting kit tin is 4 inches in diameter and 1.675 inches deep.

Email us for more information, to order, or if you have any questions
See above photo of the kits to see the varying sizes of strikers and flint chards.
Flint & Steel Strikers
Please check on the availibility of separate flint chards and good, properly hardened steel strikers.
Steel Strikers $10.00-$15.00 each
Flint Chardes $5.00-$8.00 each
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Hand-tied Fishing Flies
The photo only shows a small variety of the hand-tied flies available on the hand-forged 18th century fish hooks. Each hand-tied fishing fly also comes with approximately 3 feet of hand braided horse-tail leader. If you have a specific fly pattern or approximate hook size you would like a hand-tied fly done on the hand-forged fish hooks, please send an inquiry with the hook size and pattern name. We will reply as soon as possible with the closest hook size and if the material needed is available.
Tolles' Hand-tied fly: $10-$15 each

Bee's Wax Cakes

Bee's wax was used to wax early linen, silk, and cotton threads. Since the spinning process was usually by hand and not as even as modern available threads. Please note that this is one form of wax used to wax threads. More common among the lower and middle classes, earwax would be used for sewing. These bee's wax cakes can be used for waxing your fishing or crabbing lines. The small wax cakes are in the shapes of a fish and a turtle. You get one of each.

$1.00 for 2/one fish & one turtle
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Return to Top of Page Check back as we obtain good resolution images of my dad's art and carvings.
These should be available in mid July 2013.
Thank you for your interest and your return to see his wonderful artwork