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Colonial Fishing & Firestarting

Hats, Gloves, & Socks

*Tolles' Tams*

Food & Drink Accoutrements

Hand Spinning & Weaving Items

Handmade Horn & Bone Accoutrements

Leather Accoutrements

Metal Stuff

Oilcloth & Oilcloth Items

Period Toys & Games

Pirate Items

Sewing Accoutrements

Wooden Wheelbarrows & Wagons

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Site Reduction & Stock Clearance Starting January 2019.

The Scarlet Scarab is owned and operated by Solo Proprietress, Lisa Tolles.  The sutlery's goal is to be a provider of historically accurate accoutrements for 18th Century Re-enactors (and others with interest into the Age of Piracy thru the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade eras as well).  By narrowing my focus to these limited time periods, I am able to concenrate on the two most important issues in business, product quality and customer service. As can be shown by viewing the 100% feedback in my Ebay store.

 I am a very Proud Blue Star Banner Mom for my US Army Airborne Ranger son and ESU graduate daughter (these two are part of the inspiration in my life).

Orders may be placed online by contacting: & read below.
I will make every attempt to contact you in a timely manner. Please be patient, as there is a full-time job (unfortunately at time :-) in my life and a growing & wonderful extended family. Time is a valuable thing in my life! I do appreciate and value your business and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

This is not an automated accumulative cart website, nor do I have a fancy-expensive search engine, so the use of a pen & paper, NotePad/WordPad document, or pre-printing the order form, is recommended to keep track of the items you are interested in, have questions about, or would like to order. I do accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, and PayPal (for those wanting to use Lady Visa or Master Card).

Kindly email me a list of the item or items you are interested in, the exact address with postal code that the items will be shipping to, and your preference of payment (Check/MoneyOrder or PayPal).  I will email you back the total with the exact and actual shipping along with a pdf invoice to mail to me or I will send a PayPal funds request. See Additional Information

To a more detailed list of all products, items, accoutrements, links, and services available

Please be patient as the web pages open, I have kept as many images/photos in higher resolution to provide a better quality photo of the items offered.

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