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Oilcloth & Oilcloth Accoutrements

Oilcloth: Our selection of oilcloth is made from 100% cotton and treated for a fine weather-waterproof piece of period correct cloth.

5/11/14--We apologize
for the price increase
on the oilcloth
and oilcloth items.

Oilcloth probably originated with men who worked at sea hundreds of years ago, whom were at the mercy of the rain, wind and waves, and often their fragile crafts offered minor protection from the elements. Many times, and most often survival was dependant on good and warm clothing. If a man (person) were soaked on deck, the icy waters could render their limbs heavy, and slow their return journey to shore. Many early sea-farers devised a way of weather proofing their crude canvas smocks. These garments which were usually made from the remains of wind torn sails, which were then rubbed with linseed oil and beeswax mixtures. They found that when the oil mixture had penetrated the cloth it kept the biting winds and harsh sprays away from their skin.

8 oz. Green, Brown, Tan, Red, or Black (60 inches wide)
$20.00 a yard
Check on the availability of 6 and 12 oz oilcloth.
Email me on the price breakdown for small bolts or group purchases.

Email me for more information, to order, or if you have any questions

Oilcloth Watchshirt
Made from 6.5 oz lightweight Oilcloth, rolls tight and small for when you need it.. 
Colors: Black, Olive Green (right), Brown (left), Red, and French Blue. Button loop at the neck and made full to accommodate being worn over your outer clothing.
Men's Sizes (jacket size):
M/L (38-44)--$75.00 each
X/XL (46-52)
--$80.00 each

Oilcloth Reproofing Cream

This tin of reproofing cream makes it easy to care for your oilcloth accoutrements! This product will renew, re-do and refinish your favorite oilcloth hunting shirt, watch coat, or bedroll cover to like new condition. No longer will you have to worry about rain and moisture soaking into your stuff! Reproofing cream extends the life and improves the look of oilcloth.

$6.00 each tin

Email me for more information, to order, or if you have any questions

Oilcloth Bedroll Cover
Bedroll cover that works similar to a sleeping bag encompassing your wool blankets. This also protects your wool blankets from moisture, dirt, and works better than an extra blanket at blocking out the wind and cold. In addition, when rolled all together it transports nicely on your back, pack, or in your horseless carriage. Approximately 44 inches wide by 75 inches long and made with 8 oz. Medium Brown Oilcloth, includes two straps made from the same oilcloth. Please specify if your gift recipient is taller than 6 foot-2 inches.
$97.00 each without blanket
Custom sizes available, please inquire.

Oilcloth Wrap Housewife
A roll up sewing kit, includes: glover's needles, sewing needles, T-pins, steel pins, sinew, cotton thread, sewing nippers, twill tape and patch material. Assorted colors and length/wide. Outside is our oilcloth and inside is various combinations pockets made from wool, linen, and homespun. The “housewife” was an indispensable accessory for keeping track of sewing tools and storing mementos during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

$30.00 each


A larger version of the above with bone & horn threadwinders, bone awl, & horn needlecase available.
$55.00 each

Email me for more information, to order, or if you have any questions





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