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17th, 18th, & 19th Century Sewing Accessories

Handmade Horn Embroidery Hoop

These handmade small embroidery hoops are made from real cowhorn and vary slightly in size from 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter. The depth of the side of the rings is 5/8 inches with a tab approximately 2-1/4 inches long if you have a 3rd hand or sewing clamp to hold the hoops. $32.50 xxxx

Pic of Everett helping me get the pins smooth so threads are not caught.

Handmade Horn Stitchers Memo Pad

These are limited and copied from an early piece in my personal collection. The original has a mother of pearl case and ivory sheets. I have copied the pieces all in horn. The memo pad comes with a plain graphite pencil to write your notes. A cloth will remove your initial notes so the pages can be used over and over again.. $65.00 x

Handmade Horn Thread Waxer

This another piece that is copied from an early piece in my collection. I originally purchased this little waxer probably 30 years ago for waxing my bow string and found out 20 years later it was intended for sewing thread. The original piece is out of bone, but are copied out of horn. The two sides screw apart for cleaning out old wax and replacing with new wax. $45.00x

Check back to see the other styles of pin cushions, emery, and other sewing accessories that will be available in 2012.

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Elongated/Fancy Horn Threadwinder
This gorgeous style threadwinder is approximately 2.0 inches long by 1.0 inch wide. A great complimenting piece to any sewing kit or housewife.

 $8.00 each

Email me for more
information, to order,
or if you have
any questions

Horn or Bone Square

Horn & Bone Threadwinders
 These traditional cut bone and horn threadwinders can be mixed and matched or purchased separately. All were copied from original documented pieces in bovine bone or cattle (cow) horn. All are approximately 1.0x1.0 inch

 $4.00 each
 any 4 of these styles for $15.00)


Horn or Bone Crab-babies

Bone Wheels

Horn or Bone Flowers

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Horn or Bone Smu Threadwinder

Slightly larger threadwinder that is square about 1.5x1.5 inches with a little slit for starting/holding the tread. $5.00 each

Based on a 19th century original.

  Bee's Wax Cakes
Bee's wax was used to wax early linen, silk, and cotton threads. Since the spinning process was usually by hand and not as even as modern available threads. Please note that this is one form of wax used to wax threads. More common among the lower and middle classes, earwax would be used for sewing. These bee's wax cakes can be used for waxing your fishing or crabbing lines. The small wax cakes are in the shapes of a fish and a turtle. You get one of each
$1.00 for one of each  
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Sewing Awls


Email me for more information, to order, or if you have any questions

Fancy Bone Awl & Needlepusher
Availalbe in bone only. This bone special took is a copy of a piece in a private collection. The top end has a gridded texture for pushing needles (works like a thimble). Approximately 3.0 in long and 3/8 in at its widest points
 $12.00 each
Large Awl
Available in horn or bone. Sturdy sewing awl, just over 4.0 inches long with a 0.375 inch wide at its widest points.
 $9.00 each
Medium Awl
Available in horn or bone. Sturdy sewing awl, approximately 3.5 inches long with a 0.25 inch diameter at the top.
 $7.00 each
Small Awls
Available in bone, black horn, or colored horn (approximately 3 inches long). Note that the colored horn varies in shades of brown and black.
 $5.00 each
Metal Awl
Metal point awl with a wooden handle, great for working with wood, plastic, leather, and heavy canvas. Just over 6.5 inches long overall.
 $5.00 each

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Special Horn Bodkin
 $8.00 each


Fancy Bone Bodkin
This bodkin measures just under 4 inches long and has an eye and a slit for various types of lacing.
 $6.00 each

Email me for more information, to order, or if you have any questions

Plain Bodkins
Available in bone, black horn, or colored horn (approximately 3 inches long). Note that the colored horn varies in shades of brown and black..
 $6.00 each

Metal Bodkin
This metal bodkin had a blunt tip, a large eye, made of heavy 13 guage steel, and measures 2-3/4 inches long. Perfect for lacing endless items (especially Stays!!!). The eye is also big enough for the leather lacing for High-Los.
 $3.00 each

Bone Linen Cloth Seam Presser

Bone Seam Presser
A flat bone tool for creasing cloth (linen or other).
Each measures 4 inches long by over 3/4 inch wide.
 $7.00 each

A larger version should be available Summer 2010.

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Specialty Needles

Glover (Leather) Needles
3 pack. Used for leather work as the name suggests, these needles have triangular points which pass through tough materials without causing unnecessary abrasion. They are also suitable for use with suede and some plastics.
 $3.00 each

Little Multi Tool Pliers
Household Repair
Needle Set

This 7 piece needle set includes: Carpet Needle, Upholster's Pin, Packing Needle, Glover's Needle, Sail Needle, Curved Mattress Needle, & Straight Mattress Needle.
 $3.00 each
This little multi tool opened up is only 4.0 inches, stainless steel, needle nose plier, serrated blade, bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, and little knife blade, all folds into a little 2-1/2 x 3/4 inch compact package. Reason I have this item in my sewing accoutrements... for hand-sewing with the glover's needles. You will save your fingertips grabbing the needle with the little pliers when sewing heavier fabrics, plastic, or leather.
 $7.50 each
Sewing Needle Set
25 pack of assorted hand-sewing needles.
 $3.00 each


Set of Horn Discs (left)
These pieces are sold by the pair, handcrafted out of natural cow horn for making pin cushions, emery cushions*, or large wax wheels.
 $20.00 pair

Horn Discs Pin Cushion (right)
These pin cushions are made with varying colors of 100% wool and the horn (discs) disks, which also vary in color. These are made by myself.
 $38.00 each

Handmade Bone Disc Disk Pin Cushion

*History on Emery: Handsewing needles were once a most precious and very expensive commodity. In order to lengthen their life, they were passed through an emery cushion. Emery is a soft stone/sand which is powdered and placed into varying forms of containers (a very popular form was a strawberry cushion or cushion sandwiched between 2 small disks). When the needle is passed through, the emery powder polished off any soil that attracts moisture, as well as any rust that may have begun to form, in term lengthening the life of the precious needle or pin.
Horn & Bone Cup Traditional Pin Cushions
Horn Cup Pin Cushion (left)
These pin cushions are made short horn cups with vintage wool or linsey-woolsey cushions. Sizes and colors vary. These are made by myself.
 $23.00 each
Handmade Wool Bone Discs Pin Cushions
A side view of the Horn Discs Pin Cushions (see above) .

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